A+ for the Environment

The detergents we use are both environment friendly as well as effective.


Power Stroke – Concrete Brightening Agents

  • The highest non-caustic detergent concentration available in the industry.
  • Specifically formulated for heavy-duty oil/grease removal for untreated concrete. Unlike the caustics typically used in this industry, Power Stroke is much more user and surface friendly when it comes to over spray.
  • Cleans ‘quicker’ than caustics and acids due to its excellent wetting, rinsing and emulsification properties and SuperFlo Polymer Complex System.


RESTORE - Brings old wood back to new

  • For Cedar Shakes and unpainted Wood Decks,
  • Removes black mold and mildew build-up on shakes, regardless of how long it has been there.
  • Works by means of oxygenation and produces unbelievable results.   Replaces harsh chlorine cleaners or solvent based strippers.


Premier - Specifically formulated for Colored Siding with Heavy Oxidation

  • A unique blend of specialty surfactants and alkalis specifically formulated for the Professional Exterior House Washing.
  • Leaves a Silicone Membrane on the surface which is designed to retard the formation of mildew and to keep general ‘fall-out’ pollutants from adhering to the surface.
  • Provides a thorough wash/rinse cycle while remaining gentle on new aluminum, vinyl and wood siding.

~The Top Grade in Cleaning!~

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