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A+ Mobile Power Washers has been cleaning Rochester, MN since 1994.  We are a company specializing in residential and commercial exterior cleaning. Using our special environmentally friendly detergents we clean any type of house siding, decks, roofs and shingles, walkways and driveways.


Regularly Scheduled exterior washing of your home or office can:

Extend the life of your investment

Power washing siding, concrete driveway, porch or sidewalk and wooden areas like your deck and fence, will eliminate contaminates that contribute to rot, decay and premature aging of  building materials.  Add years of life to your property and save money on costly repairs.

Add curb appeal and value

First impressions are everything. A property that appears tidy and well-cared-for will sell more quickly and for more money. A good first appearance can add as much as 10 percent to the value of the property.

Save money

Many of our customers were originally looking to repaint or replace unsightly areas, which would have incurred major costs. Once we power cleaned the exterior of their property, they were amazed on how new everything looked, and the money they had saved.

Improve safety and health

You’re surrounded by contaminates that pose risks to your health. Dirt, mold, mildew and oil are the primary culprits that can create safety and health issues around your home or office. Pressure washing using our environmentally friendly detergents can help protect everyone.


Restore your home or office to A+ condition!


~The Top Grade in Cleaning!~

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